"TYPE BEAT" BELT (RED) - The Incorporated
"TYPE BEAT" BELT (RED) - The Incorporated


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“The TYPE BEAT syndrome is evident of a bigger cultural trend that sees most young people attempting to mold their personal image directly off of popular personalities.  It seems that the corporations and entities involved in the dissemination of much of the world’s creative content have found it more financially viable to support ready-made, clone-like artists, rather than nurture unique talent.  These strategies have effected all subcultures, merging them into an almost single entity.  What was once different, sometimes intersecting, groups of skateboarders, rappers, artists, musicians, athletes and punks is now a sole group known as “The Youth” whose primary interest is in “The Culture” above all things.


1.5” Single release buckle.

Screen printed detailing.


MATERIAL: Nylon Webbing



"TYPE BEAT" BELT (RED) - The Incorporated