Born in Seattle, based in Los Angeles and distributed around the world, THE inc. has made a name in contemporary menswear by presenting rebellious yet sophisticated silhouettes. 

Each collection drags classic cultural constructs through a process of distortion and re-construction, creating product that is half street, half art and half Fashion. 

Built for the young person who wants to stand out and stand for something, THE inc. represents a new perspective on style, clothing and culture. 

About the Designer - Mark McGinnis - Armed with a Sociology degree, a night class in Pattern-Making and an Instagram account, Mark has taken on the fashion industry and made a name for THE inc. as one of the hottest young brands in the industry. His designs are a loud combination of the vintage, streetwear and high-fashion silhouettes he saw growing up in Seattle. 

Mark started the brand at 19, and with no industry experience or mentorship, has continued to push THE inc. into the conversation worldwide.